BEJAIA-AMIENS: Visit of Khalida Bougoffa-Sadaoui to the BioEcoAgro lab in Amiens this Thursday 14/12/2023

After several visits to France during her Thesis, between 2007 and 2011, Khalida Bougoffa-Sadaoui came back to France, …with her recent HDR Habilitation.

As an assistant-professor at the University of Béjaia (Algeria), and after a few years of research work on other subjects, Khalida wishes to relaunch collaborations between her team and our UMRt. To support her approach, she did not hesitate to “coax” us with excellent pastries and dates from the Country (and from the Family). Nothing to do! We are inflexible! We will soon ask her a webinar to UMRt-team5 (Specialized Metabolites of Plant Origins) or to the whole UMRt staff (every Monday at 1 p.m. by ZOOM).

Khalida, welcome to your visit to the UMRt!

We will see how to (re)launch our collaboration projects!



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