BioEcoAgro Joint Cross-Border Research Unit
Plant and plot scale

Plant and plot scale

At the plant level, the unit developed several plant material and experimental designs that may concern:
- field for progeny evaluation (mapping populations, panels of diversity...)
- controlled conditions for the evaluation of resistance to frost or realisation of crossings
- molecular biology or in vitro culture for candidate gene expression study, plant material development or propagation.

Researchers working in genetics and plant breeding are mainly involved in designs and know-how associated with this plant scale.

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What is the genetic determinism of traits associated with biomass production and earliness at flowering in miscanthus?
We use in vitro culture methods for two purposes in our team: 1) to propagate plant material on the one hand, and 2) modify the chromosome set numbers of the cells on the other hand. For example, the set of diploid forms, which comprises two sets, can be doubled in order to obtain tetraploid forms comprising four sets.
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This plant material is being studied as part of two ecosystem services projects.

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