BioEcoAgro Joint Cross-Border Research Unit
Team 5

Team 5

Specialized Metabolites of Plant Origin

Sevser Sahpaz, ICV, and Eric Gontier, UPJV, Team 5 leaders

Sevser Sahpaz, ICV, and Eric Gontier, UPJV, Team 5 leaders

From plant models, some of which respond to important issues at local, national and international level (wheat, chicory, hops, flax, etc.) and are justified in a very strong socio-economic context (cross-border Franco-Belgian, GIS, LabCom project, INRAE, collaboration with international groups including Bayer, , Servier, Linea, Laboulet Seeds, Florimond-Desprez, etc.) and various academic and other partners (MétaSpé Network, SAS PIVERT, Root Lines Technology, IAR and NSL Competitiveness Clusters, SFR Condorcet, Ho Chi Minh City Biotech Center etc.), the research projects developed by this team will aim to:

  1. Identify new molecules derived from the specialized metabolism of plants by exploiting both their biological and genetic diversity induced or natural
  2. Specify the biosynthetic pathways of specialized metabolites
  3. Characterize the structure / activity relationships and biological activities of specialized metabolites within the plant, for application in plant protection (biocontrol, etc.) but also in other contexts (human health, etc.)
  4. Develop eco-extraction and purification processes, produce specialized metabolites of interest (hairy-root, yeast, etc.) as well as for targeted uses (nutrition / health with the NSL pole, plant protection) against external aggression, etc.)
  5. Implement new analytical methodologies for metabolomics or broadband phenotyping studies

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