Thesis Optimization of continuous green extraction

Thesis Optimization of continuous green extraction of biomolecules from chicory by-products

Some by-products of the food industry, currently considered as waste, are sources of molecules of interest and can therefore be valorized through the extraction of these functional biomolecules. The obtained extracts could be used as food or cosmetic ingredients.

To extract target biomolecules, innovative processes, called “green”, make it possible to obtain better extraction yields by using less time, safe solvents, less energy and generating less environmental impacts. However, these processes are mainly studied in batch mode on relatively small volumes at a laboratory scale. In order to prepare the realization of such green extractions on larger TRL levels (pilot, industrial), the thesis project aims to study the efficiency of ultrasound-assisted extraction in continuous mode for the recovery of antioxidants from 3 chicory by-products supplied by the industrial partner Leroux. Ultrasound-assisted extraction will be studied both on a laboratory scale and on a pilot scale. We will focus on the study of the technological constraints linked to the implementation of the process in continuous mode with these 3 co-products. The performance of the process (extraction yields, antioxidant activity of the extracts, energy consumption, and environmental impacts) will be evaluated by seeking the optimal conditions for the treatment and valorization of large volumes of by-products.


Modification date : 19 March 2024 | Publication date : 19 March 2024 | Redactor : Com INRAE HdF